Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab

I just finished a three-day stint with LCT Directors Lab, essentially workshopping the table-work process of putting up a new play with the playwright in the room. If that sounds circuitous, then it's aptly indicative of the innovative experience that the Lab has established. They enlisted a company of 20 actors to be in rehearsal rooms (2 actors, 4 directors, 1 designer, and 1 playwright per room) over a three-day period during which time we read and dissected an "inspirational play" that the playwright selected, and read and dissected a play that the playwright wrote. It was a collaborative, scary, exciting, fulfilling, and thoroughly enlightening experience for me - and I'm joining Equity from it! A special thanks to Milo Cramer, the playwright who roped me into the Lab in the first place and whose awesome play, "I'm Miserable, But Change Scares Me" was the basis of discussion for my group.