Brave New World Rep reading of "Tipoldemoder"

I have the pleasure of working on a staged reading of Mark Sitko's Tipoldemoder, directed by Knud Adams for Brave New World Repertory Theatre. It's happening at the Bushwick Starr on June 10th at 7pm. Here's a description of the piece: 

Tipoldemoder explores man’s assumed authority over the animal kingdom by following four generations of a matriarchal family in Northern California. Elephants are hit by trains and butchered for their meat. Claws are removed from crawdads so that they can be used as bait. Turtles are fed vegetable slices and guinea pigs have seizures on their way to the vet. Elementary school sweethearts collect lady bugs on their bodies as a great grandmother attacks her own reflection in the mirror. The delusion that man controls all forms of life on this planet is shattered as the family loses one of their own.