In honor of Halloween, I'll be reading in Lauren Yee's THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE as part of DEAD AIR: A MACABRE EVENING OF HAUNTING RADIO PLAYS AND STIFF DRINKS. This is happening next week Thursday (10/29) from 8-10 in the Garden District Lounge at Bo’s Kitchen & Bar Room. Annie Tippe directs. 

Here's how it's being billed: 

An invited group of playwrights pens short radio plays inspired by ghost stories of yesteryear, performed live with music and song interwoven throughout the evening. The inaugural, prototype event premieres just before Halloween in a sleek, speakeasy-like cabaret space in Gramercy, for an intimate, invitation-only audience.

The evening is recorded and the pieces released on SoundCloud. The event is ideally developed as an annual Halloween performance, with a new source of ghost-story inspiration every year.

This is a celebration of goosebumps and folklore, storytelling and the Supernatural. This evening we invite Death into the room with us for a drink.

If you’d like to request an invitation to attend or more information, please click here.