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Cute Activist Bushwick Starr / New Saloon / Morgan Green

Secret Supper: The Musical Spring Street Social / Andrew Neisler 

Karehouse Joe's Pub / Jenny Koons

The World My Mama Raised Clubbed Thumb / Kip Fagan 

Spill EST / Leigh Fondakowski

Icarus on the L.E.S. Joe's Pub / JACK / Nic Adams

The Lion In Winter Two River Theater / Tyne Rafaeli

peerless Barrington Stage Co / Louisa Proske

Kentucky P73 / EST / Morgan Gould 

The Golem of Havana Miami New Drama / Barrington Stage Co / La Mama / Michel Hausmann

Boats And Ars Nova ANT Fest / Andrew Neisler 

Molly Murphy & Neil deGrasse Tyson Ars Nova ANT Fest / Andrew Scoville


I'll Never Love Again Drama League / Michael Leibenluft

Debutante Ars Nova ANT Fest / Annie Tippe

I'm Miserable But Change Scares Me New Saloon / Morgan Green

BYUIOO Pipeline / Andrew Neisler

Tilly The Trickster Atlantic Theater Co / Jeremy Dobrish

Two Noble Kinsmen American Shakespeare Center

Custom of The Country American Shakespeare Center

Henry VIII American Shakespeare Center 

The Country Wife American Shakespeare Center

Julius Caesar American Shakespeare Center

King John American Shakespeare Center

Cymbeline American Shakespeare Center

The Lion In Winter American Shakespeare Center

The Two Gentlemen Of Verona American Shakespeare Center

The Merchant of Venice American Shakespeare Center

A Christmas Carol American Shakespeare Center

The Winter's Tale American Shakespeare Center

A Midsummer Night's Dream American Shakespeare Center

Up The Great And Shining Sky NYU Tisch / Rachel Chavkin

The Winter's Tale Atlantic @ NYU Tisch / Joe Ward

Ti Jean and His Brothers NYU Tisch / Nicole Watson

Dutchman NYU Tisch / Mary Amelia Beyer




The Looming Tower


First Reformed 


The Meyerowitz Stories

Change In The Air


Life, After (Webseries)


Small Town Stories


The Tower of Silence 

The Surf Report

A Short Visit

The Murphy Project



Guest Star





















Dir. Paul Schrader / A24


Dir. Noah Baumbach / Netflix 

Dir. Dianne Dreyer 

Dir. Miki & Yoni Benyamini 

Dir. Paul Penczner

Dir. Jessica Thoubboron

Dir. Jess Mazza

Dir. Morgan Gould 

Dir. Erik Flynn Patton 

Dir. Courtney Powell

NYU Thesis






Form Of A Girl Unknown                

Cowboy Bob                                       

The Great Novel

RECKONING: Furies From A New Queer Nation

A Uganda Family

To Catch A Fish

Project Dolly 

Orchid Receipt Service 


Slave Play 


The Siegel                                           

Mickey And The Bear                                       

The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane

Is God Is

Cute Activist

Snow In August                                 

Empathy Play

On The Shore Of The Wide World

Sugar In Our Wounds

The Biggest Valley

Bobbie Clearly


An Opening In Time

The Last Tiger In Haiti


Why You're Here

Dance Nation

Lulu Is Hungry

The Seventh Sister

Being Flynn

The Man Monster Mary Jones 

The Petrol Station

The Tempest


Cardboard Piano

Bring Me Your Neighbors




I Love Sean

Celia, A Slave


Please Hold

Given The Present, The Past...



Crazy World

What Passes For Comedy

Days Of Rage                                    


The Serpent In Quicksilver

Aesop's Fables 

In A Sea Of Faces

Splat Goes Your Day                         

America Breathing 

Salty Folk (Billion Oyster Project)

Shitloads of Money                           

Hello, My Name Is                                   

Return From Selma

The Oregon Trail

Come My Beloved

The Royale                                         

We Were All There

Losing Tom  

Hope You're Out There


Desert (For Now)

Brief Chronicle (Books 6 - 9)

Desert (For Now)

Don't Go Near The Quarry

Zombie: The American

One More Night


Super Magic Wild Forest

Bull's Hollow                                     



The New Hopeville Comics 

Super Magic Wild Forest 

White People By The Water 

The H




In A Sea Of Faces 

The Biggest Valley

Commander Squish

I'm Miserable But Change Scares Me

Goodnight, Fances

I’ll Get You Back Again                         

Oh, The Power!                                                      

Under The Cuban Moon                          

The Daft and The Dense

                                                    Sweet Bird of Youth


                                                          A New Asylum                                                          

Trojan Barbie

Atlantic Theater Company

SPACE on Ryder Farm                    

P73 / Rockefeller Foundation          

Ars Nova

Atlantic Theater Company               


The New Group


Bushwick Starr 

The New Group                                 


CM Stage Productions


Hamptons International Film Festival 

Williamstown Theatre Festival

                                                            Soho Rep       

Bushwick Starr

Second Stage                                     

EST Bloodworks

Atlantic Theater Company

Playwrights Realm

Westport County Playhouse

Roundabout Underground 

Prelude Festival 

Vineyard Theatre

Playwrights Horixons

Collapsable Hole 

Play Date @ Pete's Candy Store

Atlantic Theater Company

Fresh Ground Pepper

Naked Angels

Spring Street Social Society

Atlantic Theater Company


OSF Play On!

Dead Air 


Ensemble Studio Theatre


Prelude Festival 


Barn Arts / Dixon / Cherry Lane

Yale Drama Series @ Lincoln Ctr

Drama League

The Habitat 

En Garde Arts / BOSSS


En Garde Arts / BOSS


Maggie Flanigan Studio

NYU Graduate Musical Theatre Writing 

The Bushwick Starr

Pipeline Theatre Company

Theatreworks USA

Barn Arts Collective 

The Habitat's: Summer Re-Write   

The Habitat's: Summer Re-Write

Superhero Clubhouse 

EST Bloodworks                                             

EST Bloodworks                                       

The Drama League 

Director Collective

New Georges

Lincoln Center Theater                     

Director Collective

Morgan Gould & Friends

The Gallery Players

New Professional Theater

Soho Rep Writer / Director Lab


Dixon Place 

terraNOVA Collective


Naked Angels Naked Radio 

New Georges

Clubbed Thumb

Ars Nova                                                      

Fresh Ground Pepper                          

The New School For Drama

Judson Memorial 

Clubbed Thumb

Ensemble Studio Theatre

Ensemble Studio Theatre

The Lark Roundtable 

Mabou Mines

Bushwick Starr / Brave New World Rep

Musical Theatre Factory 

Ars Nova

Judson Memorial 

Lincoln Center Directors Lab         

Drama League 

Ars Nova                                             

LAByrinth Barn Series                      

Repertorio Espanol                                 


                                                Tenn99 Festival by LAByrinth 

Maria Irene Fornes Celebration 

                                                  Fresh Ground Pepper at Soho Rep 

hotINK Festival 

Andrew Hinderaker / d. Will Davis

Charly Evon Simpson /                 d. Jade King Carroll

Molly Murphy /                              d. Stephen Brackett

Amina Henry / d. Sash Bischoff

Geraldine Inoa /                                d. David Mendizabal

Donja R. Love

Brett Neveu

Eric Conger / d. Jamie Richards

William Burke / d. Corinne Donly

Jeremy O. Harris /                          d. Danya Taymor

Jeremy O. Harris

d. Srda Vasiljevic 

Michael Mitnick /                         d. Moritz Van Stuelpnagel 

Annabelle Attanasio                                         

Jen Silverman / d. Saheem Ali                       

Alesha Harris / d. Taibi Magar

Milo Cramer / d. Morgan Green 

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Mindi Dickstein, Peter Melnick

Mara Nelson-Greenberg

Simon Stephens / d. Neil Pepe

Donja Love / d. Saheem Ali

A Zell Williams / d. LA Williams 

Alex Lubischer / d. Kip Fagan 

Kate Benson / d. Lee S. Evans 

Chris Shinn / d. Evan Cabnet

Jeff Augustin / d. Joshua Brody

Jeremy O. Harris/d. Mitch Civello 

Willie Johnson / d. Sarah Stites

Clare Barron / d. Lee S Evans

Claire Kiechel / d. Philip Gates

John H Bland / d. Liz Carlson

d. Spencer Lott

Dennis Allen/d.Lileana Blain-Cruz

Sulayman Al Bassam

Kenneth Cavander 

Lauren Yee / d. Annie Tippe

Hansol Jung / d. Knud Adams

Rebecca Scholssberg / d. Kareem Fahmy

McFeely Sam Goodman / d. Sarah Hughes 

Sarah Einspanier / d. Morgan Green

Barbara Seyda / d. Niegel Smith

Torrey Townsend/d. Knud Adams 

Willie Johnson 

Sam Alper, Deepali Gupta /

d. Jimmy Maize

Sarah DeLappe/d. Morgan Green 

Dan Regelski / d. Eddie Prunoske

GD Kimble 

Shoshana Greenberg & Hyeyoung Kim

Kate Benson/d.Lee Sunday Evans 

Adam Fried / d. Chris Mirto

Lauren Yee / d. Liz Carlson 

Jahn Sood

Sarah Einspanier / d. Lauren Z. Adleman 

Sam Goodman / d. Sarah Hughes 

Nate Weida / d. Jeremy Pickard 

Brendan Hill / d. Paul Cameron Hardy

Jahna Ferron-Smith / d. Courtney Ulrich

Amanda Friou

Kara-Lynn Vaeni

Emma Weinstein 

Marco Ramirez / d. Rachel Chavkin 

Morgan Gould 

Morgan Gould 

Andrew Farmer / d. Max Reuben

Dipika Guha / d. Sarah Krohn

Kate Benson / d. Will Davis

Alexander Borinsky 

Kate Benson / d. Will Davis 

Eliza Bent / d. Knud Adams

Robert O' Hara

Eric March / d. Liz Carlson

Dipika Guha / d. Sarah Krohn

Kate Benson / d. Chay Yew 

Mike Brun / Jaclyn Backhaus / A. Neisler

Taylor Adamson / d. Andrew Neisler

Korde Tuttle / d. Lana Russell

Nate Weida / d. Andrew Neisler 

Kate Benson / d. Sarah Krohn 

Cory Finley / d. Nicole Ricciardi

Willie Orbison / d. Liz Carlson

A. Zell Williams 

New Saloon / d. Morgan Green

Mark Sitko / d. Knud Adams

                                                    Jahn Sood 

A. Zell Williams  / d. Jesse Jou

Nate Weida / d. Andrew Neisler 

Milo Cramer                                             

Patrick Barrett / d. Nessa Norich

Sarah Gancher / d. Rachel Chavkin

David Bar Katz / d. Philip Seymour Hoffman

Gina Munoz Shaffer / d. Michel Hausmann

Nick Curley / d. Mary Catherine Moore

Cherry Pit

The Cherry Lane / d. Jacquelyn Landgraf

Pete Forester / d. Jenny Beth Snyder

Christine Evans / d. Daniella Topol


New York University, Tisch School of the Arts / BFA in Theatre, Honors * Recipient of the Atlantic Theater Outstanding Achievement Award, the Founders Day Award, and the Artist And Scholar Award

NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Atlantic Theater Company: 

Instructors: Charles Tuthill (Shakespeare), Anya Saffir (Script Analysis/Chekhov), Jacqueline Landgraf (Script Analysis), Renee Redding-Jones (Movement), Kelly Maurer (Suzuki/Viewpoints), Josh Pais (Committed Impulse), Cynthia Silver (Performance Technique), Stephen Hawley (Performance Technique), Kathryn Alexander (Performance Technique), Peter Frechette (Scene Study) , Jordan Lage (Sketch Comedy), Susan Finch (Speech), Charley Layton (Speech), Katie Honaker (Speech), Katie Bull (Voice), Ilse Pfeifer (Voice), Daniel Sergio (Voice), Tamara Lovatt-Smith (Repetition), Heather Oakley (Repetition/Film Technique), Josh Lewis (Improv/Games), Ted Sluberski (Business), Michael Maestro (Business)  

Atlantic Theater Company Vermont Summer Intensive: 

Instructors: Scott Zigler (Practical Aesthetics Script Analysis), Margaret Eginton (Alignment), Francine Zerfas (Voice)

Amsterdam Summer Intensive  (International Theatre Workshop): 

Instructors: Kevin Kuhlke (Grotowski / Viewpoints / Script Analysis / Directing / Brechtian Fairy Tales), Mary Bitel (Script Analysis), Andrew Wade (Shakespeare), Karelmaria DeBoeck (LeCoq Mask / Commedia), Richard Armstrong (Roy Hart Voice / Singing), Katie Duck (Post-Modern Dance & Choreography), Orlando Pabotoy (Clowning), Paul Binnerts (Original Brechtian Solos), Saskia Hegt (Self-Scripting & Image Based Theatre)

Writing; Can sight-read music; NY Driver’s License; Yoga; Dialects: Southern, British RP, Cockney, Jamaican, Ghanaian, Brooklyn, Standard American and knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet.